Here’s the truth. Instead of trying to be the coolest college ministry on the planet, we decided we would live to our strengths and be us. We believe one of our greatest strengths as a church meets one of your greatest needs as a student. You need family, and a place to grow. We are an awesome family, and we want our church to be your place to grow. But it’s what you make of it. So here are 10 ways to get connected with God and people at St. James. Go for it!

  1. Know God through Worship!
    Two services every Sunday- 8:30AM and 11:00AM. Most of our church family attends the 11:00AM service, which blends contemporary and traditional worship in a really cool way. Whenever you come, feel free to come as you are. We serve Communion every first Sunday, and it’s always open to anyone of any denomination or faith.
  2. Get connected in Sunday Morning Bible Study!
    Every Sunday, we have a college-aged Bible Study from 9:40AM-10:40AM with practical, everyday living time in the Word. If you don’t have a Bible, we’ve got one for you. We meet in Room 111, which is on the bottom level of the church. If you park in the back lot, go in through the playground gate, and follow the sidewalk to the right and then look left between the buildings. It’s tucked into the back. Don’t get nervous, we’ll find you. Oh, and there’s coffee and doughnuts. 
  3. Go deeper on Wednesday Nights!
    Our Wednesday night program is called “Basic”, and it’s from 6:00PM-7:30PM each week. It includes three week sessions on things like prayer, spiritual gifts, serving, struggles, etc. On the first Wednesday of every month, there’s a free meal from 5:15PM-6:00PM, and then we serve in various ways (putting what we’ve learned into action). Bring someone with you! 
  4. Get connected with a Mentor or Family.
    How awesome would it be to know that you have someone praying for you every day? It gets better! Imagine home-cooked meals, a place to wash clothes, and a family who’ll love you while you’re away from your own family. We can also pair you with a mentor who’s working in your field. We’ve got doctors, vets, dentists, teachers, engineers, attorneys, businessmen and women. They can help point you towards your goals and towards Jesus. 
  5. Bring someone with you!
    It’s so simple, but it makes sense. When you come, don’t sit in the back on an empty pew. Scan the room for smiling people. They won’t be hard to find. Introduce yourself and they’ll make you feel like you’re home. 
  6. Discover your gifts and find your place to serve!
    There are lots of ways to serve at St. James, and you’ll grow if you serve. Periodically, we’ll do a Wednesday night study on spiritual gifts to help people find their place in the body of Christ. Come, and we’ll help you find your place. God built you for a unique purpose, and there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing that purpose and going after it! 
  7. Serve with us in some of our outreach ministries! 
    We have a Mission Church called The Light in Athens. We also sponsor The Bigger Vision, Athen’s homeless shelter. Every year, we send several mission teams to places like Estonia, Russia, Tanzania, Montenegro, etc. God will bless you when you serve, so go for it! 
  8. Let us pray with you! 
    We’re a praying church. We’ve got prayer ministers and staff who would love to lift you up and help pray you through anything. Share those prayer requests by emailing, or calling the church at 706-548-1680. At the end of the 10:50AM service each Sunday, there are always prayer ministers at the altar if you ever need someone to pray with. 
  9. Tithe. 
    That means giving (10% to be exact). Giving back to God reminds us of all He’s given us, and it helps us see from His perspective. He provides for us, and we honor Him by giving back 10%. Besides that, He promises us that we’ll be overwhelmed with blessings when we tithe (Malachi 3:10). 
  10. Join up. 
    Take a stand, and say outright that you are committing. We know you probably won’t be in Athens forever, so if you’re already a member of another UMC, you can choose to join St. James as an affiliate member (meaning you still remain a member at your home church). But regardless of your denomination, we openly accept members who believe in Christ as Savior, and are working to make him their Lord. So think about uniting with us! 

Besides all this, we want to connect with you to show you how to make the most out of your time in Athens. So we've put together a list of 15 ways to save you $ and enjoy Athens. Check it out.