Athens is an incredible place to spend your college years, and we want to be sure you enjoy it without going broke. So here are 15 tips to save you $. For more info, addresses, etc, just google the name. Enjoy, and share with your friends!

  1. Free Pasta!
    Every Monday night, Mirko Pasta offers free pasta. You just pay for your sauce. You also get free bread. It’s goooooooood!
  2. Cheap Pizza! 
    Every Tuesday night, Your Pie offers a pizza and drink meal deal for $5.99. Personal favorite-mixing their BBQ and Sun Dried Tomato sauces as my pizza sauce. 
  3. Cheap Wings!
    Every Monday and Wednesday, Buffalo’s Café offers 25 cent wings from 3:00-6:00PM. They also do all you can eat nights. But please, control yourself. 
  4. Chick-Fil-A Coupons!
    Did you know that Chick-Fil-A’s policy is to accept any of their coupons, regardless of whether they expired in ’86? If you’re here for our Sunday Morning Bible Study, you’ll see a basket full of Chick-Fil-A coupons, just waiting for you to pounce. 
  5. Farmers’ Market! 
    Every Saturday from mid May through mid November, Bishop Park in Athens hosts an awesome Farmers’ Market. Local growers and artists show off their hard work. Go with friends for breakfast. You can even use a credit card to buy tokens that all the venders will take. It’s definitely worth getting up for. 
  6. Corn Maze and Picking Berries!
    Washington Farms in Watkinsville would be an awesome Friday night adventure for your crew. From Oct 1- Nov 13, they run a corn maze and fall activities. You can also pick strawberries, blueberries, and other berries seasonally. It’s $12 per person during the Corn Maze season. 
  7. Free, Totally Free, Activity! 
    This one’s random, but cool. Take Milledge away from Five Points. When it runs into Whitehall Road, go right. Almost immediately on your left is a GA Forestry Commission Office. Behind the office is a fire tower… that anybody can climb… for free. You have to go during business hours, and sign a release. But the view is incredible. Just a warning, don’t go on a windy day. 
  8. Rock Climbing (Indoors)!
    Active Climbing in Athens offers a great indoor climbing gym. Go on Wednesdays, because students receive a day pass including gear for only $10. 
  9. A Museum for Your Sophisticated Side! 
    The GA Museum of Art houses 9000 works, and it’s open fully to the public Wednesday through Sunday each week (daily times vary). There’s no cost, but a $3 donation is suggested. Get dressed up with friends, go for a nice dinner, and make it a fancy-pants occasion. 
  10. Free Scavenger Hunt! 
    Our St. James Youth Ministry keeps an extensive photo scavenger hunt list on hand, and it would make a super fun event for you and a group of friends. Carpool, and you’ve got a totally free night of adventure around town!
  11. Free Zoo (with Bears!!)! 
    Memorial Park in Athens is open and free to the public every day. But Memorial Park is also home to Bear Hollow, a walk through, open air wildlife zoo with bears, bobcats, otters, turkeys, deer, birds of prey, and a whole bunch of other cute animals. Don’t feed them though. You Tube has shown all of us what happens when that goes badly. 
  12. Free Hiking and Gardens!
    The State Botanical Gardens, just off Milledge outside the loop, is a beautiful place to spend a Saturday afternoon. It’s free, open every day of the week, and they’ve got 5 miles of trails over 313 acres of gorgeous gardens. Get a fanny pack and go bird watching. 
  13. Billions of Stars, For Free! 
    UGA has an observatory sitting on top of the Physics building in South Campus, with a 24 inch telescope. Every month, they do free public viewings. Call 706-542-2485 to get the details. Obviously, the viewings depend on clear weather, but on a good night, it’s unbelievable.
  14. Kayaking in Athens! 
    Big Dogs on the River, Athens only kayaking excursion outfitter, runs trips each week on the Middle Oconee River. There are a few swift places, but it’s mostly a fun, smooth ride. Great for a Saturday afternoon with friends. It’s random, but they also run a full service auto repair shop with great reviews.
  15. Home Away From Home!
    We’re a family church, and we’d love to include you in the family. We’d love to connect you with an “adoptive family” while you’re away from your fam. This is a great way to get some home cooked meals, and have a place to go when you need to get away from campus life. Email if you’re interested.