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40 Days in the Word FAQs


  1. When does this series begin and end?
    There will be a Kick-Off Celebration at St. James Friday evening, September 19, 2014. The series ends with “Celebration Sunday” on November 2, 2014!
  2. How Long will Small Groups meet?
    Small Groups begin meeting the week of September, 21, 2014 and will continue to meet for six (6) consecutive weeks and ending the week of October 26, 2014. During these 6 weeks Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study will be suspended.
  3. How will Child Care be handled?
    St. James will provide child care at the church Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm & Sunday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm.
  4. What about Youth?
    Youth (6th to 12th grade) will meet on Sundays at 6PM and Wednesdays at 6:30PM for 6 weeks and will study material that aligns with the topics you will explore in your small groups!
  5. How do I sign up for the series?
    There will be three (3) ways:
    1. Interest Cards will be inserted into the “Focus” and available through our SJUMC website. By either method, complete the interest card and you will be matched to a small group based on group similarities such as:
      a. Geographic location!
      b. Age!
      c. Preference on small group meeting day and time!
    2. You may be contacted by a Home Host or facilitator and invited to a small group.
    3. You may be contacted by the Small Group recruiting team and encouraged (lovingly nudged) to join a Small Group!
  6. Is there a deadline to sign up for a small group?
    Our goal is to have everybody “enrolled” by September 7, 2014. But if you decide after that date you want to participate just contact Bobby Thomas @ 706-340-2758 or Anna Savelle @ 706-207-4119 !
  7. Can Anyone Participate?
    Yes, in fact it is the desire of our Pastor for you to invite friends,family, neighbors or anyone the Lord puts on your heart who is willing to commit 6 weeks to the study of God’s word! With that in mind we want to keep the small groups “small” - somewhere between 10-12 people!
  8. What will this cost?
    We do not want “cost” to be a factor in your determining if you should participate or not! You will be provided a 40 DAYS in the WORD workbook, developed by Rick Warren. The church will pay $10 per workbook. If you are led to reimburse this expense, we will accept whatever you offer!
  9. Does each participant receive a workbook?
    One per family is recommended, but if you want more than one for your family we suggest simply reimbursing the church for the expense of each book!
  10. How do I pay for my workbook?
    We plan to distribute the workbooks through you Home Host. At the time you are presented your book simply give you Host a check ($10 for each book received) payable to SJUMC or if you prefer drop check in the offering plate. Please note on the check re: line 40 DITW Workbook!
  11. What night will my small group meet?
    The interest card you complete will ask your day/time preference and we will match you with a group which meets your preference. If invited by a Home Host or Facilitator…..they will be able to tell what day/time they plan to meet! If you are a young mother or couple, you may want to consider being in a group that meets on Wednesday or Sunday nights since free childcare is available at the church!
  12. What if I prefer to be home before dark!
    We plan to offer small groups times on Wednesday and Sunday that would begin and end in time to get you home well before dark!
  13. How will this series effect Sunday Bible Classes and our Church services?
    It will have no impact on Adult Bible Classes. Church Service times will not change. Pastor Bill will introduce our “40 Day theme” for the upcoming week during his message.
  14. How long is each DVD session?
    25 minutes.
  15. Does everybody receive a DVD?
    Only the Facilitators of 40 Days in the Word will receive a DVD.
  16. Where do I find the 40 Day Workbook?
    The Workbooks will be ordered for you and distributed by your Home Host.
  17. Are there Guidelines for conducting Small Group Meetings?
    Yes, please refer to the “Small Group Resources” section beginning on page 185 of your Workbook. If you have additional questions contact Bobby Thomas or Anna Savelle!
  18. When do we begin the weekly activity in the workbook titled: “Living On Purpose?
    Living On Purpose segments normally take place the day after your small group session. This allows us to think about how to incorporate the information during the week between sessions.
  19. Is there a suggested time division and structure for small group meetings? (lengths of time for prayer, video, discussion, etc.)
    Yes, the model suggest the Host simply welcome the group, turn it over to the Facilitator. Following prayer, begin the 25 minute DVD segment. 30-35 minutes of group discussion follows the DVD. Session two may take longer because the “Micah 6:8” assignment invites additional group discussion! Good time for a short break immediately after the discussion followed by praise and prayer requests! Be sure to recognize Birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions within the group. Please notice the content is placed first and we recommend you do so. Please honor the 1.5 hour time commitment.
  20. When does Day 1 begin for daily devotionals, 9/21 or the first day after the first small group meeting?
    Day 1 of the daily devotionals on the 40 Day website normally will start the day after the Week One sermon. Keep in mind the website is an additional resource for members who have the time. Not everyone will go to the website every day. However, it is easy to navigate back and forth through the days so you can make up a day you missed.
  21. What if I set the start date on Saddleback website for daily devotionals before 9/21/2014?
    Not to worry, you will not mess anything up! Once you sign in you will find the ability to navigate back and forth through the days as mentioned above.
  22. Is there a Micah 6:8 assignment each week?
    No! It is one assignment developed and implemented by each small group over the course of 6 weeks! The Micah 6:8 Assignment is described in session one (page 6), each small group is asked to define it’s thoughts in session two (page 26), and to refine and complete the planning in session three (page 43) and session four (page 66). Session six (page 103) your small group is asked to look ahead with what was started in session three!

More Information

For more information, please contact the church office at (706) 548-1680