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Circle Maker Testimony - Anna Savelle

The very first memory I have of practicing financial stewardship goes back to elementary school when I attended Watkinsville First UMC. That particular year for the season of Lent, the church handed out a 40-day calendar, with each day highlighting a certain activity or challenge to do. Attached to each activity was a monetary gift, such as “Give one nickel for every chore you complete.” What excitement I felt as I put those coins in my jar, to watch my gift to the church increase each day as my service to others increased!

The Lord reminded me of this love and excitement as we have been going through our stewardship campaign, and I felt Him clearly ask, “What happened? Where is that joy of giving?” Such joy, such unhindered giving, such un-attachment to the things of this world I had when I was young. It made me take a step back and evaluate my stewardship journey in total and realize how neglectful I have been in allowing the Lord’s blessings in my life flow through me to the lives of others. Before I came to St. James, I never regularly tithed; I never felt like a part of any church. St. James is a church that gives – of financial resources, prayers, time, talents, and outreach – and I am so glad the Lord brought me to a model of what stewardship should look like in His kingdom. I felt the Lord asking me to tithe my 10% and trust that He will provide financial needs for paying bills and paying off debt, become involved in church activities, giving my time, and finally serving the community and Tanzania. This is a very new journey in stewardship for me, but one I feel He is strengthening and blessing as I seek His face and trust His guidance. Now, not only is my “coin jar” being filled and poured out, but my heart is being filled and poured out on a regular basis by the One who is Enough and More than Enough. 

And a final note – He has already provided financial blessing at the exact moment I needed it to meet a deadline. Praise the Lord! I am learning firsthand how walking by faith and not by sight yields even more than I could ever see or imagine.