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Circle Maker Testimony - Cindy Robbins

Stewardship to God is summed up in the Methodist church in five ways: prayers, presence, gifts, service, & witness. I  was raised in a Christian home and grew up in Methodist Church, so I always knew ABOUT God. But knowing about Him and actually knowing Him are two completely different things. I personally feel that you can only really know Him when you have your own relationship with Him. I gave my life to Christ during a church camp retreat while I was a teenager, and I began to talk with Him on a daily basis. That's called prayer. It's more than just asking for things in life we think we need, it's about a relationship with God. I find myself thanking God for the blessings in my life more than I do asking Him to bless me more. Presence seems like an easy one because you feel you can just show up for church. I've definitely had my fair share of Sunday mornings where I didn't want to be in church, but I was raised to be there on Sundays. From there, it's up to me personally whether or not I choose to open my heart to meet with God while He's in my presence. I cherish the worship services at St James because I can feel His presence there every time I open up my heart to Him. Gifts is the category most people think of when it comes to stewardship. If that's the case then they're missing the point of the gift. God is a giver. He gave us the greatest gift imaginable, His Son. My parents taught me how to handle money wisely my entire life and I am forever grateful to them. However, opposites attract and I fell in love with a big time spender. My husband began to change as our relationship grew and I helped to bring him back into church after departing during his college years. But the big change didn't really happen until after we were married. I signed us up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and our financial lives were forever improved. We used Dave's applicable ways based on Biblical principles to apply's God's way of handling money into our lives, and the blessings were unimaginable. I have believed in tithing since my very first paycheck and I will until my very last, but one of the things I have learned in my financial journey is that it's about the first fruits. God doesn't need our money, He needs our devotion. Giving up my first fruits shows that He is first in my life. All that I have is from Him, so why would I hesitate to give Him the small amount that He asks back for the betterment of His kingdom? What could I possibly do with the money that's more important than what God has planned for it? I'm proud to be a giver, and I'm proud to help bring God's giving spirit into the church. My service now is to help facilitate Financial Peace University classes. My family & I believe in this class. It can change lives. Anything that involves God can change lives. But you have to open your heart up to Him. If He hasn't already changed your life for the better, it's because you haven't truly asked Him to change you. I have the peace that surpasses all understanding in my life and I'm no longer afraid to help others find that peace in their lives. I am thankful to be a Christian. I may make mistakes in life, but I am always humbled by His love and purpose for me. This is my witness.

Cindy Robbins