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Circle Maker Testimony - Laura Scott Tomlin

Sports are a big part of my life! I am extremely competitive and love to play any sport-- especially volleyball! I have played volleyball for my school for 7 years and Club volleyball for 3 years. Throughout my experience, as well as learning about this sport, I have learned how to be a good steward with my time. A lot of people wonder why in the world my family commits to letting me play travel volleyball for 6 months out of the year-- that seems like a waste of valuable time. However, when I give the Lord my time in this sport, He uses me for His glory. I am not very good at tithing yet to be honest (I really need to get better about that; it's hard to keep up with money!), but I can allow Jesus to use my time for His purposes. For me, this looks like playing on a travel ball team with a bunch of girls who have never had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ before. This looks like living my life openly in front of them, and being prepared to share life with them throughout the season. I am able to be in the World but not of the World as I am on this team. Throughout the years, I have been able to share with other girls about Jesus! This does not always look like sitting down with them and sharing the gospel, it also means being open to talk about everyday life struggles and why my life looks different than theirs. As I open my heart to Christ and let him move through me, He uses me to show other people Himself! Sometimes I have to miss youth group functions which I want to be at in order to be fully committed to my team, but I know that Jesus has called me to be ministering in this way for this season of my life. While I play this sport that I really love, I am able to be a good steward of my time by giving it to Jesus and allowing Him to work in and through me.

Laura Scott Tomlin