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Community Groups

get connected

Within each of us is the desire to know and be known. 

To join a group or to receive additional information about Community Groups, please click here or send an email to communitygroups@sjumc.org 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Community Groups?

Community GroupsCommunity Groups at St. James are an excellent way to connect to others, develop relationships, and grow in faith. We believe that this is where sustained life change occurs. You can think of Community Groups as a way of "sharing life".


Who are Community Groups for?

If you desire a way to get connected, to know and be known by others, and to have some amazing fellowship, then Community Groups will no doubt appeal to you. They are a place to be encouraged and equipped to live the way of Jesus.


When do Community Groups meet?

Each community group decides when and where it wants to meet. Most groups meet in homes of the members on a weekly basis. Presently, Community Groups meet every night except Wednesday.


How does a Community Group work?

Community Groups are generally comprised of six to twelve individuals who meet in someone's home for topical studies, discussion, prayer and encouragement. Groups generally meet for up to 2 hours and this may include a meal or light snack. There are opportunities for single people, married couples and families of all ages. Child care/involvement is handled as best fits each unique Community Group.


How long does a Community Group last?

Each group commits initially for eight weeks. At the end of this time, members can decide to continue in the group and extend their commitment, or they can enter the process again during the next start up phase. In total, groups last between 18-24 months as decided by each group at the beginning of their time together.  One thing we have found is that most of our groups begin to "hit their stride" after the first year.  Those next 6-12 months are crucial for deepening relationships and sharing life together.


How can I get into a Community Group?

If you are interested, simply call 706.548.1680 or email communitygroups@sjumc.org or attend our next Community Group Orientation.