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St. James offers private prayer sessions to address inner and physical healing needs. These are held by appointment in a safe and nurturing environment with two Prayer Ministers who are trained in healing prayer and confidentiality. Their role is to help the prayer receiver connect with Jesus for healing in any areas of distress or need.

We have prayer ministers certified in Issue-Focused Ministry through Restoring the Foundations as well as the general healing prayer ministry that we have offered since 1999. Applications for each of the two types of in-depth prayer ministry are available in the St. James church office or can be downloaded below. The forms can then be emailed to sandy.blount@gmail.com or janekilgo@gmail.com, or they can be mailed/delivered to the church office at the following address.  

Attn: Jane Kilgo or Sandy Blount
St. James United Methodist Church
111 West Lake Dr.
Athens, GA 30606

To choose between the two ministry formats, please see: http://bit.ly/2FxyHXo

How to Apply for Either of the Two In-Depth Healing Prayer Ministries

1. To apply for RTF ISSUE-FOCUSED MINISTRY from certified Restoring the Foundations prayer ministers, use the 2 documents below:

  • Ministry Overview (For your information) 
  • Application Form (To be completed and returned.) This is the official Personal Questionnaire (PQ) from Restoring the Foundations
    Please Note: Be sure to save the PQ on your computer before typing anything into it, and also save it several times while completing it.  That way no information will be lost, and you can email it as an attachment to sandy.blount@gmail.com. If preferred, you could print it, fill it out by hand, and mail it to the church address listed above.  Either way, we will need to receive the PQ a week before your session in order to give your two prayer ministers time to prayerfully study it individually and also meet to develop the ministry plan together.

2. To apply for GENERAL HEALING PRAYER MINISTRY from trained prayer ministers, use the 3 documents below. The Application Letter is just for your information. You can print the Application Form and Consent Form, fill them out by hand, and mail them to the church address listed above, or drop them by the church office.