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Information for Prayer Ministers

Prayer Ministers' Calendar for 2017
List of Prayer Minister Events for 2017

Additional Training Materials and Support

The St. James Prayer Manual describes:

  • The goals, leadership roles, and organization of the total St. James Prayer Ministry program.
  • A description of prayer ministry classes offered at St. James to members and the Christian community.
  • A description of the process for training and commissioning prayer ministers.
  • Guidelines for praying for physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing, and deliverance.
  • The St. James Prayer Ministry Model. 
  • Descriptions of each step in the 5 Step Healing Prayer Model.
  • General prayer ministry protocols.
  • Protocols particular to the St. James Prayer Ministry services, including Time of Healing Prayer services, altar prayer, and indepth healing prayer sessions.

The Prayer Ministry Library in room 107 offers books and videos on a variety of topics related to prayer ministry.