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Stewardship Testimony

During the fall of 2011, I was on track to graduate a year early from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor degree in Social Work. Needless to say, I was a very studious person and very focused on my studies. Because of all of these things, I naturally just assumed that I would go straight to graduate school to earn a Master’s degree and graduate with two degrees in a span of four years instead of just one. But throughout the application process for graduate school, I kept feeling like the Lord was telling me to wait. This didn’t make sense to me at first, because why wouldn’t I go straight to grad school? I was graduating a whole year early, I loved school, I had good grades, good recommendations, I knew the type of job that I wanted to end up having one day. It just made sense for me to go straight to grad school. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

So I decided to wait. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do instead, but I knew that grad school was not where I was supposed to be for the time being. I tried to talk to my parents about it, and they tried to understand, but couldn’t. It didn’t make sense to them why when I seemingly had so much going for me – good grades, good recommendations, etc. – that I wouldn’t keep going. But I knew that I was supposed to wait. Eventually, I found out about a missions organization called Youth With A Mission and felt the Lord calling me to take part in a missions training program with them called a Discipleship Training School. I looked into different campuses that I could complete this training at and finally decided on one in Colorado Springs. I sent in my application and waited to hear back about my acceptance.

Meanwhile, I graduated from UGA with my BSW and moved back home with a plan to find a job until it was time for my DTS to start. I began working at a local gift shop in my home town, saving every penny I could. But I knew that even if I saved everything I could, there was no way I could pay for the DTS on my own. Altogether, I needed about $7000 for the six-month program. Every step of the way, I made sure to pray for guidance and submit my plans to the Lord. I wrote support letters and sent them out to everyone I could think of, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. So I decided to hold a few yard sales. After just 3 yard sales, nearly $1000 had come in, which was astounding. I prayed again and asked the Lord what else I should do. Then I got the idea to make support t-shirts and ask local businesses to sponsor me in exchange for a spot with their logo on the back of my shirt. I enlisted the help of my best friend, who was an art major, to help me come up with the design. Through the selling of t-shirts I made almost $600. After that, my grandmother decided to make a quilt for me to raffle off, which brought in nearly another $1000. By my deadline, I had not only met the financial requirements for the program, but exceeded them. I had spending money to take with me when I went overseas!

The Lord told me that because I had been faithful with the little He had given me and with the little I could do, He had multiplied my provision. I did what I could through the means that He had given me, and He provided in ways I never imagined. In my head, none of it made sense. How could the little attempts I had made to raise money have been so successful? The only answer was Him. On my own, there was no way I could have made enough money to go to YWAM, but I knew that the Lord wanted me there, so He made a way. It was hard at times, because I knew that there was no w ay it all would work out unless the Lord was behind it. But again, He kept telling me that because I had been faithful with the little I had been given, He had blessed me and provided for me, not just enough, but in abundance. And because I had trusted Him with my future, because I had given Him my plans and been obedient to His calling, He blessed me and provided for me. God showed me that I don’t have to know how He is going to work things out, but if He calls me to do something, to do it and trust that He will work out the details.

I’m still having to walk in that truth day-by-day, knowing that He has brought me to my present position as an intern at the UGA Wesley Foundation for a reason, and that even though I don’t know how He will make things work or how He will provide for me, He will. But I am so thankful for the season of my life that I had with YWAM, because He taught me to wait on Him and to trust Him with the details of my life during that time. He has called me here, and He is a good and faithful Father. When He calls us, He provides. And He never fails.

Amber Wilson
Wesley Intern
University of Georgia