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The Seed & The Soil

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1. Grace wrote:
This has been gnawing away at for a liltte while now. The observation I've been making is that the BBC seem to have a strnge absence of curiosity. They simply don't seem to be asking why? Donnison's articles on the website seem to suggest awareness that they've gone in a new direction but don't appear interested in why.Questions that are occuring to me are as you point out that there seems to be increased availability of better quality hardware where did that come from? Also why are they not seemingly trying to preserve it -have they got much more significant stocks of the stuff? Where did it come from and how did it get there. Knowing that last time Hamas upped the ante we had Operation Cast Led so what would they get by provoking a similar reaction?There are several things that spring to mind with the major ones centering principally on countries in the region caring liltte for a peace process and more concerned with wiping Israel off the map. Of course if they had to hone in on that story the cout would be out of the bag. Part of me wonders if the plan is to get Israel to wade in again to meet groups who are beter armed this time around with a view to creating outrage and uprising in the west bank (that Hamas can capitalise on) and for creating something at the Rafah crossing that will draw the Israeli's into action in Sinai, provoking a major outrage across the rest of the muslim world.Whilst I certainly hope it doesn't pan out that way, the nihilistic tendencies of Hamas, Hezbollah & Iran means they would care liltte for the consequences. 0 likes

Tue, October 13, 2015 @ 2:37 PM

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