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The Weight of Wait

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2 comments (Add your own)

1. Maria wrote:
Jonathan>Not necessarily... for elpamxe, >the Buckyball/Bone mission last >year required quite a bit of >accuracy to get the ball right in >the boneI disagree that this mission required much accuracy at all and would rate it's difficulty 2/10. Most teams approached the mission model from one of it's two sides. Getting there is easy and the side of the bone was large, making it hard to miss. Even with proper alignment, approaching the bone from the front made this a very simple mission.>Now take the Solar Panel on House >mission this year. That requires >about as much precision as the >bone missionYou really think that the Solar Panel is the same difficulty as the Bone? The Bone had a large drop area compared to the size of the deliverable (maybe 10:1). The solar panel is 1.5-2:1 The smaller the ratio, the more difficult the mission because higher precision is required.>but the mechanism for putting the >Solar Panel on the roof has to be >quite a bit more complex, since it >has to lay it on an angle and let >go of it gently (as well as >putting it up high instead of >dropping it).I agree that the mechanism required is more complicated. This contributes to it being a more difficult mission.>Location is definitely an >important factor, but I think of >it as included in the accuracy >factor. If the location is far >away or in a tight spot, your >robot will need more accuracy to >manipulate it successfully.Location (as well as manipulation difficulty) attributes directly to the mission difficulty. The harder the mission, the harder to do it accurately. "Accuracy factor" = mission difficulty.Linda - I agree that turns make missions difficult, but not enough to make the difficulty 5/10 (across the board). With proper programming you really shouldn't see more than a few percent difference. Turning 90 degrees vs 360 is significantly too much difference. Even 90 vs 180.Josh

Tue, October 13, 2015 @ 1:41 PM

2. Mounish wrote:
I ask that you lift me up in prayer and ask that I touch lives at work and tgoruhh intervention of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will receive full-time employment as a teachers paraprofessional

Sun, December 13, 2015 @ 6:27 PM

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