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Washed in the Word

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1. CoCo wrote:
, is it?Tim, my understanding of this is that he was teinhacg a class on catholicism and said that the catholic view on homosexuality was based on natural law. That's not a statement of advocacy, necessarily, in my opinion. It's a debatable point for certain, but it's a view that one might express and make the subject of study in the context of a class on catholicism. Are we prepared to say that the state should be able to censor the points made the subject of study by a professor in a public university class? To me, that kind of speech is more important than a professor advocating positions on his own time to his own audience. We're talking about a class at a public university here. Do we really want professors at public universities to be restricting their class content out of fear for their jobs. Do we just want to keep teinhacg in the mainstream and restrict everything else? Because that is the effect of what is happening here. I could exercise my First Amendment rights–as an individual, on my own time. Yes, you certainly could. And based on what you are saying, soon that will be the only place you will be able to exercise them. I'm appalled at the lack of outrage here. Are we so eager to just give up on freedom of expression at public universities? Doesn't anyone see anything to fight for here? A tenured professor has no more “rights” then anyone else; but a tenured professor also does not have a contract to renew. A class offered by an adjunct is not worth the university’s trouble of defending in a situation that could be read different ways by different people. A university has fewer recourses to tenured faculty. First of all, it's than not then. Further, no one is asking the university to defend anything, but perhaps free speech at a public university is something worthy of mounting a defense for. If that is not worth the university’s trouble of defending then nothing is. I guess our public universities are just all about commerce now. There was a time people found free speech to be worth dying for. Now it's not even worth the price of a teinhacg contract. When your freedom of expression is gone, please remember that it was you who decided what it was worth.

Tue, October 13, 2015 @ 3:14 PM

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