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Week 4: The Third Circle – Think Long-Term (Chapters 12 – 18)

Song of the Week: “My Own Little World” By Matthew West


Mon. Oct. 21, 2013 – Patience and Foresight

Quote: “We want to reap the second after we sow, but this isn’t the way it works with dreaming big and praying hard. We need the patience of the planter. We need the foresight of the farmer. We need the mindset of the sower.”

Prayer: “Lord, I know that you hear me when I pray. However, sometimes spiritual warfare detains your answer and I need to keep on praying with patience and faith. Sometimes your plan is to accomplish much more that I may realize, as you did with Joseph after his brothers sold him into slavery. What they meant for evil, you meant for good for the saving of many lives. Therefore, I will be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer as I look to you to accomplish the dreams you have placed within my heart.”

(See Daniel 10:12-14, Genesis 37:5, 28, Genesis 50: 20-21, Romans 12:12)

Tues. Oct. 22, 2013 – Generational Blessings

Quote: “But the key to dreaming big and praying hard is thinking long. Instead of thinking in terms of time, we must think in terms of eternity. Instead of thinking in terms of ourselves, we must think in terms of our children and grandchildren.

Prayer: “Lord, I know that I am short-sighted and self-focused. Help me to have a broader prospective so that you can use my life. Faith is confidence in what I hope for; the assurance of what I do not see. Many of the saints of old were commended for this as they risked their lives and reputations for the preservation of their families. They inspire me as I see what their sacrifices meant for generations to come. Since I am surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, I want to throw off everything that hinders me so that I can run with perseverance the race marked out before me. Help me, Lord, to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus so that I can get my eyes off of myself.”

(See Hebrews 11:1-2, Hebrews 12:1-2)

Wed. Oct. 23, 2013 – Prayer Postures

Quote: “Posture is to prayer as tone is to communication. If words are what you say, then posture is how you say it.” “The physical posture of kneeling, coupled with a humble heart, is the most powerful position on earth.” 

Prayer: “Lord, I can be prideful and concerned about the opinions of others. Help me to be so focused on you that I naturally demonstrate my love and humility by my actions. I lift up my eyes to you, my Helper. I lift up my hands to you as I see you provide victory in the battle of life. I bow in worship and kneel before you, my Lord and my God. I fall prostrate before you as I seek you in the privacy of my earnest prayers. May my actions always be pleasing to you and show you the reverence and praise that I feel in my heart.”

(See Psalm 121, Exodus 17:11, Psalm 95:6, Luke 5:12)

Thurs. Oct. 24, 2013 – Praying Hard Through Fasting

Quote: “Fasting has a way of fast-tracking our prayers. Because fasting is harder than praying, fasting is a form of praying hard. In my experience, it is the shortest distance to a breakthrough.”

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I see from your Word that you assume that we fast as much as you assume that we pray. This is convicting to me. Give me the power and the desire to humble and deny myself in this way for your purposes. Lord God, you have chosen fasting as a way to loose the chains of injustice, set the oppressed free, and break every yoke. Help me to be obedient as you call me to fast and pray for your higher calling.”

(See Matthew 6:16-18, Isaiah 58:6-9)

Fri. Oct. 25, 2013 – Praying and Goals

Quote: “Simply put, prayers naturally turn into goals, and goals naturally turn into prayers. Goals give you a prayer target.”

Prayer: “Lord, I don’t want to run after the same temporal things that concern unbelievers for you know that I need them. But as I seek first your kingdom and your righteousness, I know that all of these things will be given to me as well. Help me define the goals that will guide me to your purpose for my life. And as I take delight in you, my God, you will give me the desires of my heart. You will instruct me and teach me in the way I need to go with your loving eye upon me. As I turn to the right or to the left, I will hear your voice behind me saying, ‘This is my way; walk in it.’ How I praise you for your perfect plan for my life!”

(See Matthew 6:31-33, Psalm 37:4, Psalm 32:8, Isaiah 30:21)