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When You Seek Me With All Your Heart

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2 comments (Add your own)

1. billy wrote:

Sun, January 5, 2014 @ 7:59 PM

2. Pradeep wrote:
Today went to town this morning on the Leveson Report and fully 3-4 mitnues of the 9-10 minute 8:00 Radio 4 News was devoted to telling us that the Leveson Report was due to be released today. Why? Surely blanket coverage should be reserved for after the main event, not devoted to pure speculation about what the report might recommend.As it is, we had endless BBC commentators talking to each other; an interview with a victim of the press (who received generous compensation under the existing set-up) and a discussion between two MPs on opposite side of the debate on press regulation. What a complete waste of time. The Report is to be released this afternoon and then we'll all know what we're talking about. The report on the 8:00 am news could have been restricted to a brief mention: we'd have been no less wise about the issues if that had been it.I'm not saying this is bias: the discussion between Eustice and Blunkett moderated by Naughtie was a civilised and unexceptionable item but it would have been far more interesting for it to take place on tomorrow's show..Meanwhile unlike the more or less balanced MP invitees brought on to debate Leveson to discuss the latest theft from the taxpayer/energy consumer a BBC correspondent previewed the Energy Bill which (he somehow failed to mention) will be tilted to keep our cash flowing into the pocket of Cameron's father-in-law. Then for a judicious survey of the energy situation, the BBC in an exercise of its genetic impartiality chose as a follow-up, Lord Oxburgh (ex-chairman of Shell). He demonstrated, not only why he was chosen to put his seal of approval on the corruption of science by the crooks masquerading as academics at UEA but that big business including Big Oil is right in there lining up for handouts from the taxpayer in the guise of subsidies and enforced renewables payments. What no-one thought to mention was that Shell as a part of Big Oil still, unbelievably, the all-purpose villain to greenies is in the business of making money. It doesn't care where the cash comes from. As Oxburgh demonstrated, he's happy to see the nonsense perpetrated by the warmists: Shell will profit whatever happens. Oddly, these points were omitted from the discussion. 7 likes

Tue, October 13, 2015 @ 2:35 PM

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